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by John Law
Paperback, 7.5" x 5.5", 80 pages
Published in December 2008
ISBN 0977274241

The Space Between is a collection of three stories inspired by the author's lifelong obsession with bridges. An avid urban adventurer and bridge historian, the author shares his passion for these engineering marvels while delving into their potential to fuel our dreams, fears, and nightmares. Part dreamscapes, part adventure tales, these narratives take the reader on an exploration of bridges to inspire their contemplation on a structural as well as metaphysical level.


"Great stories, told by someone who had to have been there. Full of concrete detail and fantasmagoric descriptions, unforgettable experiences that somehow seem authentic, not merely the product of a writer's imagination. Taps the source and wellsprings of the darkest humor ever invented since the world began."
- V. Vale, Re/Search Publications

"What's written here could only be written by one who's broken the locks and ascended the girders. This is a trespasser's diary, but also a biography of living bridges and their inevitably metaphysical narratives, connecting fragile psychological shorelines, crass commuter kingdoms, boyhood adventures, and islands of fog-swirled San Francisco Victoriana. Imagine Joseph Conrad grown up around bridges instead of boats, Lovecraft getting out of the house more, Philip K. Dick ignoring 'No-Entry' signs in the manliest of ways."
- Al Ridenour, The Art of Bleeding

"These tales sparkle with dark details earned during a lifetime spent scrambling in the girders, dodging the authorities, looking down on the cities of the world from an eagle's perch."
- Don Herron, Author, Willeford

About the Author:

John Law was raised in the Midwest and dreamed about bridges from a very young age. He attended the first Suicide Club initiation a year after his arrival in San Francisco in 1976 and through his apprenticeship in that saturnalian cabal came to know many of the world's greatest bridge spans. It is his great good fortune to be affiliated with singular organizations such as Survival Research Labs, Dark Passage, Laughing Squid, the Cacophony Society, PeopleHater, Seemen, Circus Redickuless, S.F. Cyclecide, and The Madagascar Institute to name a few. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys a good cigar.

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